Restraint:  rɪˈstreɪnt


2 [uncountable]the act of controlling or limiting something because it is necessary or sensible to do so.

wage restraint

They said that they would fight without restraint (= completely freely) for what they wanted.


3 [uncountable]the quality of behaving calmly and with control


self-control  The police appealed to the crowd for restraint. He exercised considerable restraint in ignoring the insults.


In conclusion:

I saw this TV tray at a yard sale.  I didn’t buy it.  ‘Nuff said.


– Laura


p.s.  “A-Team” puffy stickers were available at the same sale.  I left those behind as well.  I deserve a flippin’ medal.


p.p.s.  My next few posts will be noticeably shorter due to the fact that I will be unable to type for a little while.  I’m sorry or you’re welcome, depending on how you feel about my blog.  😉

Time to quit my Jibba-Jabba!  Later, Fools!