So, you say you sometimes judge a book by it’s cover? We’re all guilty.

Dear yard sale proprietor or proprietress,

If, as I approach your driveway my gaze is met with a cat tower, rest assured that after a cursory glance at the fur sprinkled geodes, half burned patchouli scented candle and pilly Snuggie, I will likely be on my way.



We’ve all done it. If you’ve ever been to a yard sale there’s that moment as your tires are just coming to a stop and you glance toward the garage/driveway/front lawn and you know. You just KNOW. Whether you’re excited or disappointed, you just know.  It’s not that it’s bad. Cat condo lady had some things that another buyer might be all over. It just wasn’t my kind of stuff.

It can happen that way with people sometimes too. You meet someone and instantly know that they’re your kind of folk, or you know instantly that they most certainly are not. This doesn’t mean that one is good and one is bad…it’s just about whether or not it fits. It’s instinct and I believe in trusting your gut.

That said, there is something to occasionally taking a second look. I’ll usually give every yard sale a chance, even if it looks like a disaster from the curb. I’ve often been rewarded by a hidden gem. The same goes for people. Someone who may at first blush appear to be the type with whom you could never bond has an attribute just beneath the surface that you’ll respect.

In short: Trust your gut, but open your mind and your heart. Learn to recognize the difference between instinct and preconceived notion.

P.S. But for the love of Pete, buy a lint roller. It never hurts to be prepared.